Who Dares Wins

Who needs a slow serial line when you can have the blazingly fast speed of NE2000?

I’m about to finish the NE2000 emulation in jslinux (based on Bellard’s own qemu NE2000 implementation).

So far, NE2000 detection works, the interface is up and running in linux but as soon as you start to transmit, a kernel panic occurs.

So after talking with Mr. Bellard (boy this man has a patience) I’ve found out that I need to implement a (so far) unsupported opcode in jslinux: REP I/O (REP OUTS DX specifically).

So, time to leave those networking upgrades for a bit and dust off Randall Hyde’s masterwork.


Adding networking support to jslinux

I’ve just finished a proof-of-concept implementation of a networking setup for JSlinux using SLIP/XMLHttpRequest/a perl proxy/Linux TunTap.

It’s a kind of mix of polling and events, but it works.

At this time, It’s possible to ping to/from the linux host and make TCP connections, but packets losses are not trivial 🙂